About ALT 

Al-MUNARAT Logistics & Transportation is a full-service transportation company that is afghan owned with last few years of transportation experience, and our conveyance services extend worldwide to meet the demands of a growing economy. At Al-MUNARAT Logistics & Transportation, we work extremely hart to be at the forefront of an ever changing industry. We strive daily to be at the top, and our long-term goal is to be at the leading edge of professionalism when it comes to being reliable, cost effective, and trustworthy in the global conveyance industry.

Headquartered in Kabul, Afghanistan, we are active in almost all regions of Afghanistan, Al-Munarat Logistics offers the highest level of professional services for all corporate and personal transportation requirements, with a complete range of transportation services, we leverage volumes effectively to deliver competitive ground transportation in every major trade lane between, all provinces of Afghanistan.

The company’s aim is to be the preferred supplier of logistic solutions company to our clients, bringing real added value to their supply chain management and logistics planning. Our ability to deliver tangible results for clients is reflected in our client portfolio, high retention rates and consistent growth.

ALT will work with companies throughout Afghanistan, and the rest of the world, including many major global players. All have identified a need to plan, change or review their logistics operations, recognizing the benefits of independent specialist’s advice, technical expertise and professional guidance in attaining their goals.

CEO Message 

I feel very pleased and honored to welcome you all to ALT.
We believe in quality and excellence in freight forwarders, Logistics & Forwarding, Land Transport that is why we make individual commitment to help you achieve your organizational goals, make better services, and contribute to building a better Afghanistan. We completely know how important the change to make solid relationship with our clients are, that is why we try our best to give the best of our services to our clients.
I am extremely proud to be part of a team of people who are keen and qualified to provide logistics and supply services around Afghanistan. We are working to meet the needs that customers have today and innovating to meet the needs they will have tomorrow. This means getting even closer to customers, understanding their businesses, and establishing long-term relationships with them. Our passion for customer service runs through our vision- to be the leading logistics in Afghanistan. We thoroughly enjoy what we do, and give the same level of services to each and every project we undertake. The size of the project does not matter, what matters is that everyone is happy and satisfied with the end result.
Once again, we welcome you to AL-MUNARAT Logistics
Respectively yours,
Wais Uddin Amini
ALT “Al-Munarat Logistics & Transportation


l-Munarat Logistics & Transportation is a company that has grown entirely on recommendation. We strive to bring operational excellence to all the transportation services we provide with an integrity that delivers a safe, secure, reliable, high quality service that can’t be bettered. Building good strong relationships and continued loyalty, helping our customers to gain a competitive advantage, Our specialists services include:
·         Transportation and Logistics
·         Supply Chain Management
·         Catering Services
·         O&M Services
·         Vehicle Sales, Leasing and Servicing

ALT is deeply committed to providing its customers with quality products and services while ensuring that ethical business practices are followed. It strikes the perfect balance of entrepreneurial foresight and professional skills demanded by today’s competitive and dynamic business environment.

The ALT prides itself on its reliable products, services, and differentiated solutions offered under a single roof.


With an extensive, modern flatbed, low bed trailers and bobtail’s fleets, ALT Transportation specializes in transporting dry cargo, freezer containers, heavy equipment’s, Government heavy vehicles and others related equipment’s. We served the subcontractors for multinational /prime contractor for US ARMY in Afghanistan throughout all regions of Afghanistan.
As a leading and expert carrier, ALT delivers:

Assured on time deliveries
Customer-focused communication and follow-through
A single point of contact for dispatch and order status information
High-quality, well-maintained equipment
Expert operation team to maintain daily updates status to customer
An outstanding prices to our customers
An experienced, customer-oriented workforce that delivers consistently great service.