About Al Munarat

Al Munarat is a private, Kabul-based logistics company with expertise in logistics, Vehicle leasing, and supply chain management. Our business focus is primarily linking our clients to best requirements they need and we have highly experienced staff in each area to provide total solutions to customers.

Our full-service team of Logistics Solutions, vehicles leasing , heavy machinary leasing, and fuel delivery experts are ready to help.

CEO Message 

The best part of my day is when I get to talk to our clients. I enjoy talking to the people we work with as much as possible because it helps to build a lasting partnership. I welcome all feedback, good or bad, because I know it is important to listen to the people you serve. If they care enough to talk to us about how we can be better, you know they care about our success as well. This kind of effective communication creates a partnership wherein the client looks to us as part of their team, integral to their success and happiness. They communicate openly about their strategic goals for their business future and see us as part of the plan to achieve those goals
The Al Munarat logistics and Supply was founded.
We have to adapt every day; not only to new logistics solutions but also to changes in business models and the way our clients work as well. Think about the impact that On-time logistics and correct requirements supply has had on the way businesses operate; just those two evolutionary changes in business have forced us to re-evaluate our services and the way we deliver them to make our clients more agile and automated.
We’re confident that we can meet any client’s need with an effective solution for any requirements.
My goal is for our clients to be assured that we have their best interests at heart. We may stumble and we may make mistakes, but we will always make it right. This all comes down to trust, the foundation of any effective business partnership.We will earn that trust by delivering on our promises to ensure every client gets the peace of mind that they deserve.
Respectively yours,
Wais Uddin Amini
ALT “Al-Munarat Logistics & Transportation


AL-Munarat Logistics & Transportation is a company that has grown entirely on recommendation. We strive to bring operational excellence to all the transportation services we provide with an integrity that delivers a safe, secure, reliable, high quality service that can’t be bettered. Building good strong relationships and continued loyalty, helping our customers to gain a competitive advantage, Our specialists services include:
·         Transportation and Logistics
·         Supply Chain Management
·         Catering Services
·         O&M Services
·         Vehicle Sales, Leasing and Servicing

ALT is deeply committed to providing its customers with quality products and services while ensuring that ethical business practices are followed. It strikes the perfect balance of entrepreneurial foresight and professional skills demanded by today’s competitive and dynamic business environment.

The ALT prides itself on its reliable products, services, and differentiated solutions offered under a single roof.

WHY AL Munarat

Al Munrat Logistics and Supply is dedicated to exceeding client expectations and delivering quality services that enhance logistics, vehicle leasing, and supply chain strategies. We strive to maintain the highest level of quality service in the most affordable and efficient manner possible.