Logistic Supply Chain

ALT Supply Chain Services provides our field and manufacturing locations with supplier management, strategic sourcing, and logistics and inventory management. In today’s competitive global economy, we know that strong relationships with our suppliers are more important than ever to our ability to meet our own and our customers’ needs.
At ALT, we are passionate about contributing to the success of our customers by providing outstanding supply chain services.  Day by day, 365 days a year, we aspire to be brilliant supply chain experts, mastering all elements of business logistics and focusing on operations excellence. We design, implement and operate complex, end-to-end contract logistics and freight management solutions for large and medium sized national and multi-national companies. In Afghanistan we provide freight management services for a wide range of customers.

Armored Vehicle Lease/Sale

Al-Munarat Logistics & Supply is operating throughout Afghanistan since 2007 and have provided and are providing services in deferent fields to international and national clients. Al-Munarat Logistics & Supply first started supply of armored vehicles in 2011 and after that ALT is operating in this section with having all the needed experience for supplying armored vehicles according to international standard. We offer vehicles in our fleet selected from trusted vehicle armoring companies. Different kinds of armored vehicles distributed by the international companies include: B7/B6 Armored Toyota Land Cruiser, B6 Toyota Camry, B6 Toyota Hiace, B6 Toyota Hilux,B6 armored Toyota buss, B6 350 heavy duty Ford, and B6 Chevrolet. All of our armored vehicles are 360 degree armored and are having world-class technologies features and security measures to address all possible threats that may arise in a high-risk environment. Whether it is a daily rental or a long-term lease or an entire fleet of vehicles, our customers benefit from a tailor-made solution that meets their specific needs and budgets.

Soft Vehicle Lease/Sale

All Soft Skin vehicles of our fleet – for rental – are subject to the same stringent quality control.
Soft Skin Car Rentals
Our vehicles can be hired for any purpose, with driver or without driver.
You may choose to hire a car from Al-Munarat Logistics & Supply for self-driving in Kabul, or out of Kabul on a daily or monthly basis. Our company will provide you with complete maintenance service. Any time your car needs maintenance, refueling or washing just give us a call and we will service you within 30 minutes 24/7.
Let us know how we can help you by sending an email or contacting us to rent any of our cars or SUVs on daily or monthly bases.

Fuel Supply

ALT goal is to capitalize on our strengths and achieve our vision to become a leading fuel supplier to national and international clients inside Afghanistan. Our professional team is focusing on primary drilling, expanding product margins, and rapidly building a diverse portfolio of petroleum assets. All our operations in the petroleum business are conducted with great emphasis on health, safety, environmental and social responsibility, with all these factors being an integral part of our company’s culture.

vehicle Maintenance

We offer repair/ maintenance, replacement of inoperable vehicle units, minor repairs, adjustments, and quick replacement of repair parts and replacement of minor damaged body parts. ALT maintains an established vehicle maintenance workshop equipped with technical tools, accessories and machinery to perform vehicle maintenance and repair services accordingly. Professional technicians with necessary training and certifications are assigned to undertake maintenance and repair tasks.
We carry maintenance and repair services under the following packages:
In house on-call services (technician dispatch)
Monthly Maintenance Services
Annual Maintenance Services
Emergency Repair Services
Emergency Repair Services / Mobile Technical Team
If your vehicle stops operation even in a remote area where access to a local workshop is a challenge, contact us and we will dispatch our “Mobile Technical Team” to help fix your vehicle on the spot. The mobile team is available 24/7, and is equipped with technical tools to troubleshoot or fix damages and vehicles to gain easy access to your location