Al Munarat is a private, Kabul-based logistics company with expertise in logistics, Vehicle leasing, and supply chain management. Our business focus is primarily linking our clients to best requirements they need and we have highly experienced staff in each area to provide total solutions to customers.

Our full-service team of Logistics Solutions, vehicles leasing , heavy machinary leasing, and fuel delivery experts are ready to help.


ALT Supply Chain Services provides our field and manufacturing locations with supplier management, strategic sourcing, and logistics and inventory management. In today’s competitive global economy, we know that strong relationships with our suppliers are more important than ever to our ability to meet our own and our customers’ needs.

Al-Munarat Logistics & Supply is operating throughout Afghanistan since 2007 and have provided and are providing services in deferent fields to international and national clients.

All Soft Skin vehicles of our fleet – for rental – are subject to the same stringent quality control.

ALT goal is to capitalize on our strengths and achieve our vision to become a leading fuel supplier to national and international clients inside Afghanistan. Our professional team is focusing on primary drilling, expanding product margins, and rapidly building a diverse portfolio of petroleum assets.

We offer repair/ maintenance, replacement of inoperable vehicle units, minor repairs, adjustments, and quick replacement of repair parts and replacement of minor damaged body parts.